Ggroomer mackenzie hutchins dog cowboy 200pxrooming and brushing your pet regularly will help keep them looking and feeling their best, but did you know that it’s also a vital part of their overall health?

Something as simple as brushing or combing your pet can help you keep track of subtle changes in his or her skin. With regular grooming, pet owners are able to help find and avoid things such as skin infections and conditions, ear infections, broken or damaged toenails, masses, abrasions, fleas, and ticks.

Whether your pet has a short, smooth coat or one that is long and fluffy, they all require regular maintenance.

Remember that brushing their coat, nail trimming, brushing teeth, and cleaning ears are all essential tasks in maintaining your pet's health.

To schedule a grooming appointment or for more information about how grooming can improve your fur baby's well being, please gve us a call at (815) 398-6484.

We look forward to making your pet look, smell, and feel their best!

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