halloween dogs Halloween can be one of the most fun, festive, and spookiest nights of the year, but keeping your pets safe can prove to be quite tricky.

Here are some tips to keep your pet safe this Halloween.

  1. Keep your trick or treat candies out of reach of your pets. Candy of any kind can be dangerous to pets, especially chocolate.
  2. Keep pets calm and easily identifiable. With all those cute trick or treaters coming to your door, it leaves the chance for you pets to run out the door. Keeping them in a calm and quiet room helps keep stress levels down and decreases the chances for them to escape and run away. Also, making sure they are easily identifiable with a proper collar, name tag, and microchip can help make sure your pets return home safely.
  3. Keep your pets away from decorations. Some decorations can be harmful to your pets if ingested. Certain plants can cause gastrointestinal upset or may be toxic to dogs and cats. Also, use caution when using candles to light your jack-o-lanterns. Pets can easily topple these over with the possibility of causing a fire.
  4. Use caution when making the decision to dress your pet in a Halloween costume. As tempting as it may be, if your pet is not acclimated and comfortable with wearing a costume, it may be causing your pet stress and anxiety. Consider your pets’ personality, what type of costume they may tolerate, and how long you should keep them in it.

If your pet ingests a toxic substance or you’re unsure if it’s toxic or not, immediately contact your veterinarian at 815-398-6484 or Pet Poison Control/ASPCA Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435.